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Body-Mind Learning.

We often do things with our bodies and minds that we’re not fully aware of: we contract muscles, maintain certain postures, breathe too little, repeat unnecessary movements or sabotaging inner monologues, or focus our attention elsewhere and forget that parts of us exist. Doing this means we lose the freedom to choose how to be in life, and instead act according to something old and automatic – a pattern we learned in the past, perhaps for a good reason, but that we continue long after it has outlived its usefulness.

In a Learning Process, I teach you to identify and stop what you do unconsciously and automatically that is harming or limiting you. In the first session, we usually define the goal of your process; the sessions that follow are steps towards that goal, in which you learn to increase your body attention, raise your energy level and stop the old to allow room for the new.

You might come to me for a Learning Process if you want to:

  • stop chronic fatigue
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • change a habitual way of reacting to a particular person or situation
  • learn to relax
  • boost your motivation
  • deal with grief, loss or separation
  • be more decisive
  • set and reach a goal
  • close a chapter from your past
  • increase your concentration and efficiency
  • unleash your creativity


But you don’t have to have a specific goal in advance. You may simply want to increase your physical awareness, or maybe you’re just curious. In any case, the learning happens with and through your body, while focusing your mind on what’s happening in the moment. It’s practical, physical, challenging and revitalizing.

Sessions in a Learning Process use the tools of the Grinberg Method®, which teaches through expanding and focusing body attention. They are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychiatric attention, nor for any kind of treatment your condition may require.